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Meeting at the Grand Serail to unveil the Coronavirus Vaccination Plan

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27 كانون الثاني 2021

A meeting was held today at the Grand Serail to unveil the Coronavirus Vaccination Plan. The meeting was attended by Ministers Zeina Akar, Imad Hoballah, Michel Najjar, Ramzi Musharrafieh, Hamad Hassan, Talal Hawat, Vartine Ohanian, and Charbel Wehbe, in addition to Parliamentary Health Committee Head, MP Assem Araji, head of the National Committee for the Management of the Vaccination file, Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Bizri, PCM Secretary General, Judge Mahmoud Makie, Secretary General of the Supreme Defense Council, Major General Mahmoud Al-Asmar, Drs. Walid Ammar and Mahmoud Zalzali from the MoPH’s Scientific Committee, heads of Hospital owners’, physicians’, pharmacists’, laboratory owners’, nurses’, and physical therapists’ Syndicates, representatives of WHO, WB, UNICEF, UNRWA, UNHCR, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), and the Red Cross.

The meeting was also attended by MPs Kassem Hachem, Inaya Ezzeddine, Fadi Alameh, Amine Sherri, Pierre Abi Assi, and Fadi Saad.

The Minister of Health revealed the detailed plan, stating that it aims, inter alia, at vaccinating around 80 percent of the population in the course of 2021 and includes the following points:

1. Curbing the virus spread, that is, protecting as much as possible of the most vulnerable target groups, according to two criteria: global health data and Lebanon’s case-specific data which require targeting some of the most vulnerable groups in terms of the number of infections and deaths.

2. Reducing infections as much as possible, thus alleviating the burden on the health sector, especially in intensive care units.

3. Reducing the mortality rate.

As for the general principles set forth in the plan, they include, in line with international standards and covenants, the freedom of the person not be obliged to get vaccinated, after setting up a database of questionnaires and scientific data, which grants the citizen and the individual the freedom to make an informed decision, away from any false information, so as to ensure the target coverage stated in the national plan. The vaccine will be free of charge through the Ministry of Public Health, and there will be no financial fee to obtain the vaccine, even at private vaccination centers.

The Minister stressed that the approved vaccine will be given for all Lebanon’s residents, adding that the 12-point national vaccination plan comprises organizational matters, planning, resources, supply, target population groups, priorities, vaccination centers, infection prevention, vaccination monitoring, human resources, vaccines that the Lebanese state is purchasing, and authorization to introduce vaccines in the private market, as many political, institutional, civil and municipal actors are launching initiatives that need to be regulated”.

In turn, Dr. El-Bizri detailed the technical and organizational components of the plan, as well as mechanisms for importing the vaccine, rolling it out, and monitoring the post-vaccination process. He stated: “The plan aims at ensuring community protection according to clear scientific principles and standards. A specialized committee has been formed to follow up on the transparency of the vaccination process. It aims at guiding and tracking citizens through the vaccination stages, and monitoring the vaccine’s possible side effects. "

For his part, MP Araji said: "Starting the vaccination process does not mean abstaining from abiding by preventive measures, including among others, wearing a mask and observing social distancing. The vaccination process will extend to the end of the current year, and will be rolled out in several stages so as to reach the 80 percent herd immunity target. If we implement the plan properly, we will be in the clear by year-end.”




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